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The Corsairs Empty The Corsairs

Thu Nov 26, 2020 12:34 pm
The Corsairs AZQgFKf

Team Name: The Corsairs
Team Members: Noah Reigner & Graham Baker
Combined Weight: 429lbs.
Disposition/Alignment: ‘Chaotic Face’ / Anti-Hero
Genocidal Gaijin Pirate Lords. Noah and Graham are two very talented competitors trying to find their way to victory and supremacy in any way possible. They act as their conscience directs with little-to-no regard for what others expect of them. They have little use for laws and regulations, but follow their own moral compasses which may not agree with that of other traditional ‘faces’. They do anything necessary in order to find victory and supremacy, no matter the costs.

Team's Theme Music: “Bulletz” by Aces High

Entrance Description (Required):
The lighting in the arena dims down, leaving just a flickering light focused on the entrance way. The light beam flickers, alternating in white and Corsair-green, with the quick paced introduction of “Bulletz” by Aces High. This lasts for about ten quick seconds before the verses from the Boston-based rap group begin. When those verses start, the flickering light becomes steady which is exactly when Graham Baker pushes his way through the curtain, followed by Noah Reigner. The duo known as ‘the Corsairs’ stop on the top of the entrance way, both wearing their Corsair jackets and Graham Baker wearing a mask over his face. Noah, with an arrogant smirk, looks to his left at Baker - who looks to his right - and the two share a forearm bump before beginning their march down to the ring.

Ring Announcer: Making their way to the ring; at a combined weight of Four Hundred and Twenty-Nine Pounds -- Graham Baker, Noah Reigner .. they are The Corsairs!

Graham and Noah have descended down the walkway, jawing at the few people in the crowd that aren’t wearing Corsair merch. Once they approach the ring, Noah slides in underneath the bottom rope while Graham takes the stairs up, wiping his boots on the apron before ducking through the ropes. Inside of the ring, Noah and Graham hit another forearm bump before they posture up in the center of the ring. Graham removes his entrance mask, and the two stand tall as the lights return to normal.

Reason For Teaming: Respect. The two once stood side-by-side at the top of the mountain in Japan, before ego came between the two which led to a lengthy rivalry - including death for a brief moment of time. And through that rivalry, a new level of respect was found between the two.
Tendency to Cheat: Choose from these options: Rarely

Common Moves:
1. Back Suplex / Powerbomb Combination
2. Running Jumping Knee / Running Enzuigiri Combo to Corner Trapped Opponent
3. Drop Toe Hold / Basement Dropkick Combination
4. Lariat / Chop Block Combination
5. Superkick / German Suplex Combination

Signature Moves:
1. “Double Tap” Vertical Suplex lift (Reigner) into a Superkick (Baker) dropped into a Kneecap Brainbuster (Reigner)
2. “Stopping Power” Canadian Backbreaker Rack driven down head-first into the canvas via Rogue Cutter
3. “Black Powder” Russian Leg Sweep (Reigner) / Running Enzuigiri Kick (Baker) combination
4. “Execution Method” Gory Special (Reigner) / Front Flip Facebuster off of Middle Rope (Baker) *aka Dark Order’s the Fatality*
5. “Mag Dump” Quick combination of moves. -- Superkick to right leg (Reigner) immediately followed by a Superkick to left leg (Baker) followed by a knee to kneeling opponent’s face (Reigner) and Falling Enziguri (Baker). Finished off with a Double Knee strike to kneeling opponent.
6. “Hair Trigger” Suplex lift (Baker), Running Kill Shot (Noah), Brainbuster drop (Baker)

Finishing Moves:
1. “Air Strike” Double Underhook Powerbomb (Baker) assisted by a Hollow Point (Reigner) from the top rope. Both men simultaneously driving the opponent to the mat. *Primary*
2. “One In The Chamber” Sick Kick (front)/Bomber Lariat (behind) simultaneous combination to a singular opponent. *Sudden / Out of Nowhere finish.*

1. “Full Metal Jacket” Grim Stone (Noah) assisted by a leaping push-down on the legs from Baker from the middle rope (Spike Tombstone Piledriver)
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