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Jacob Senn
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Jacob Senn Empty Jacob Senn

on Mon Nov 18, 2019 3:28 pm

Jacob Senn Tumblr_oo21yf7h6r1rmv1vdo2_540

Ring Name:
Jacob Senn

"The Punisher" - After his injury sustained at the hands of Zack Crash in their Glass Crypt Match, Jacob Senn began to self-reflect as he would watch how Dynasty would unfold after the end of The Crash Regime under a new guise of Omerta. Jacob Senn, at his very moment, would make a solemn vow: to punish those that tried to end him, to punish the elitists for their crimes that have gone unanswered for, and to punish all those left for what he deems as justice. As dark and sinister as death looming over every soul’s shoulder, he will be the same as he will be waiting in the dark to take penance on those he seeks.

"The Iconic One" - Using this name in honor of his departed girlfriend Brody Sparks, she was known as Iconic to the entire world through her talent as a performer inside of the ring and through her personality outside of the wrestling spectrum. Now, he has decided to honor her memory to the best of his abilities not just in this title or in a single move, but in the way that where she could live vicariously through him in the way that he acts in this ring. Whether that happens to be a good thing or a bad thing for the roster, that's depends on who he's standing in the ring with.

"Indestructible" - Due to the nature of his extreme matches of the past, the way he was decimated in The Glass Crypt and still able to recover, Jacob Senn has been viewed as a person that is indestructible. No matter what has been thrown at him in his career, he has still come back and fought against his adversaries.

Pic Base:
AJ Styles

6 Feet

218 lbs.

Chicago, IL



Jacob Senn LHysbcu

Theme Song:
"Bulletproof" - Godsmack

Signature Matches:

Last Man Standing and "I Quit" Match - Due to his moveset of being a high-flyer as much as a technical wrestler, these matches suits Jacob's style of wrestling very much. Being able to use the entire arena as well as the weapons inside of it with no consequence, Jacob Senn makes use of it with excellence with the arsenal he uses.

Signature Weapons:
Barbed Wire Steel Chair

Shadow Step (Curb Stomp, can be used from the top rope)
Weapon X (Stunner)
Grim Memento (Surfboard Dragon Sleeper)

Weapon Finisher:
Shadow Step on a Barbed Wire Steel Chair wedged in someone's head.

Signature Moves:
Vindication (Spiral Tap)
Jacob's Ladder (Styles Clash)
Illumination (Scissored Armbar) [used in tribute to Brody Sparks, very rarely, only in desperate situations.]
Reverse Hurricanrana
Springboard 450 Splash
Pelé Kick
Pelé Knee
Springboard High Knee Strike
Fosbury Flop
Exploder Suplex
Phenomenon DDT
Senn Suplex Special (Styles Suplex Special)
Running corner knees
Second City Combination (Two punches, shoot kick, spinning backfist, and a lariat)
Stomps in the corner into Hesitation Dropkick

EAW World Heavyweight Championship (October 15th, 2016 - April 15th, 2017) 183 days
EAW World Championship (August 16, 2014 - December 20th, 2014) 126 days
Omega Heavyweight Championship (October 21st 2018 - April 21st, 2019) 182 days
EAW Elite Championship (February 23, 2013 - May 4, 2013) 90 days
EAW Unified Tag Team Championship w/Zack Crash (October 26, 2013 - November 23, 2013) 28 days

Strong Style Wrestling Chief Operating Officer (March 2018 - October 2018)
EAW Hall of Fame (Class of 2017)
Triple Crown Champion
2015 Gold Rush Tournament Winner
Final 5 of 2014 Grand Rampage
Final 6 of 2013 Grand Rampage
2013 Rookie of the Year (Won)
2014 EAW Champion of the Year (Won)
2014 Match of the Year (Nominated: Showdown Homecoming - Mikado Sekaiichi vs. Tyler Parker vs. Jacob Senn)
2014 Promoer of the Year (Nominated)
2014 Extremist of the Year (Nominated)
2015 Feud of the Year (Won: Zack Crash/EAW vs. Dynasty Wrestling vs. Hexa-Gun)
2015 Match of the Year (Nominated: Team EAW vs. Team Dynasty Wrestling - WarGames)
2016 Comeback of the Year (Won)
2016 Extreme Moment of the Year (Won)
2016 EAW World Heavyweight Champion of the Year (Nominated)
2016 Return of the Year (Nominated)
2016 Elitist of the Year (Nominated)

7x Most Valuable Extremist/Elitist
11x Match of the Week
1x Segment of the Week
3x Promoer of the Week
4x Champion of the Week
12x Beef of the Week
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