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Vanessa Santiago
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Vanessa Santiago. Empty Vanessa Santiago.

on Sat Nov 09, 2019 7:02 pm
V A N E S S A | S A N T I A G O.
Vanessa Santiago. Tumblr_pfq2u5DQbH1xth2pxo4_540

Wrestling Name: Vanessa Santiago.
Government Name: Vanessa Estrella Santiago Cristobal.
Birthday: August 14, 1994.
Picture Base: Taynara Conti.
Current Nicknames: "Una Problema Maldita", “The General”.
Height: Five feet, five inches.
Weight: One-hundred fifteen pounds.
Hometown: Havana, Cuba.
Current Location: Miami, Florida/Tokyo, Japan.

Disposition/Alignment: Face-leaning neutral. Vanessa is generally good and tries to do the right thing, but it's not always easy when you have her propensity for not backing down and her propensity to always need to get even with people. She's definitely got an attitude, but she tries to reserve it for people who deserve it. The fastest way to get on her bad side, though, is to mess with her crewmates. That's when a person would be at the highest risk of having their head taken off their shoulders.
Gimmick: As the first woman signed to the original SSW, Vanessa Santiago has always been a presence around these parts. The first time around, she was a vile and vicious agent of chaos. The second time, she tasked herself with upholding what she was told the core values of puroresu were. Present-day, she's only worried about herself and her crew. She's back to etch her name into the record books for good this time, and for anyone who tries to get in her way? Well, you know what they say about her being a goddamn problem...

Theme Music: "Lucky You" -- Eminem & Joyner Lucas.

Entrance Description: TBA.

What are your character’s motivations for competing?: To garner wins and protect her crewmates.
Tendency to Cheat: Never.

Wrestling Debut: June 2015.
Favorite Match Types: Submission, or anything where she can use her judo and Brazilian jiu-jitsu background to her advantage and wear her opponent down.
Least Favorite Match Types: Anything that involves brawling. That's not really her forte.
Favorite Weapon: Her black belt or loaded fighting gloves.
In-Ring Achievements: 1x OWT Spirit Champion, 1x JET Trios Champion, 1x Azteca de Lucha Women's Champion.

Common Moves:
001. Arm-trap elbow strikes
002. Axe stomp
003. Double-underhook DDT
004. Fisherman's suplex, sometimes bridging
005. Guillotine choke, sometimes with bodyscissors
006. Legsweep, followed by mounted punches and 12-6 elbows
007. Octopus stretch
008. Rear naked choke
009. Repeated shoot kicks, to a cornered opponent
010. Single-leg takedown, sometimes transitioned into a heel hook or single-leg Boston crab
011. Spinning backfist
012. Tomoe nage
013. Tornado suplex
014. Uppercut
015. Ura nage

Signature Moves:
001. Ambicion Rubia (Standing dragon sleeper dropped into an inverted DDT)
002. Guantanamera (Shining wizard into a rana pin)
003. Havana Havoc (Feint punch, followed by a straight jab, followed by a roundhouse kick)

Finishing Moves:
001. Cuban Missile Crisis (Jumping switch kick, sometimes running or to a running/diving opponent)
002. The Takeover (Omoplata)
UF. The Takeover 2.0 (Avalanche double-knee armbreaker, followed by an omoplata crossface)


As stated above, she has a legitimate combat sports background. While she can be anything from uncaring to unaffected to those she opposes, she is very loyal, respectful, and even affectionate to those who she deems worthy enough to have earned her trust (i.e., her stablemates).
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Vanessa Santiago. Empty Re: Vanessa Santiago.

on Sat Nov 09, 2019 9:28 pm
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